Tendências Autumn/Winter 2010/2011

Nessa semana postei sobre as próximas tendências em cores primavera/verão do hemisfério norte. Hoje vocês vão ver as tendências em cores outono/inverno 2010/2011 segundo o Fashion TrendSetter. Parece tão longe né?

TREND I - Seeking Out the Essence
As a sign of a return to reassuring values, Darquer is drawing on its heritage and bygone lace designs ideal for out-of-the-way experimentation, in the secrecy of a beauty-borne laboratory: geometric designs, threaded yarn style, sheer effects of devoré down, as if flecked with grains of rice, inspired by weave or hand-made lace.

Colors:Vanilla, light beige, wrapping paper beige and black

TREND II - Enchantment
An enchanted world with chimeric charm, featuring floral motifs with contours haloed with constellations: subtle combos of new textures and cross-linking effects, some of which recall the Swan Nebula; bands of undulating foliage, or garlands of monochrome flowers on a boreal effect rug, springing surprises for a magic touch.

Colors: Midnight blue, cloud, purple, charcoal grey and moonlight

TREND III - Gourmandises

Indulging all-out in pleasure, an original approach to gourmandise through the exciting designs: motifs exude a moving poetic mood, shadowed with gauze effects.

Colors:Warm hues; chocolate, caramel, amber, dark red.


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