Assim não dá!

Gente, eu não gosto muito de falar de produtos que eu não gostei (ou odiei) e que até considerei um "mico cosmético" por respeito à empresa que pesquisou e desenvolveu tal produto, porém, eu acho que eu tenho o "dever" de escrever o que achei de tal produto para voces...
Então vai:
Na minha curta temporada praiana experimentei o bloqueador solar labial FPS 30 da Avon, e minha surpresa foi a seguinte: o produto não transfere nos labios, voce passa, passa passa, e quase não se sente o produto nos lábios, o produto em bastão é duro e não possui emoliência.Aí vocês podem me dizer: - _ "Ah mas você pagou barato!" tudo bem, paguei barato, mas eu quero um produto que funcione, oras bolas!

Preço: R$ 10,00

3 comentários

3 comentários:

Marcos Faustini disse...

Gostei de sua postagem. Paraabéns!

Anônimo disse...

Former Bulls center Boerwinkle dies

Tom Boerwinkle, the former Chicago Bulls center who had a franchise-record 37 rebounds in a 1970 game against the Phoenix Suns, has died. He was 67.

The NBA's best are battling for position. We rank all 30 teams.

Bulls spokesman Tim Hallam said Wednesday that a family member informed team officials of Boerwinkle's death, and the University of Tennessee issued a statement saying the former Volunteers player died Tuesday at his home near Chicago after a lengthy illness.

The 7-foot Boerwinkle, [url=]cheap nike shoes for sale[/url] drafted fourth overall in 1968, averaged 7.2 points, 9.0 rebounds and 3.2 assists in 10 seasons with the Bulls from 1968-69 to 1977-78. He also worked as an analyst on the team's radio broadcasts from 1991-94.

''We were all heartbroken this morning to learn of the passing of Tom Boerwinkle,'' said Steve Schanwald, the Bulls' executive vice president of business operations. ''In addition to being one of the Bulls' all-time great players, Tom was one of the kindest men you would ever want to meet with the gentlest of souls. A true gentle giant who made great contributions to the Chicago Bulls' organization on and off the court.''

Boerwinkle, from Independence, Ohio, averaged 11.4 points and 9.2 rebounds at Tennessee, helping the Vols win the 1967 Southeastern Conference title. As a senior in 1967-68, he averaged 15.2 points and 11.3 rebounds.

''Tom was a once-in-a-lifetime guy,'' former Tennessee teammate Bill Justus said in a statement released by the university. ''When you meet a guy like him and have him as a teammate, he becomes a brother to you, and there's no replacing someone like that. Despite his sheer size and presence, he was as genuine and loyal as can be. That's not just me saying that. Those are the sentiments of many, many of his former teammates.''

Anônimo disse...

Zaqieluonili holds out a problem Japan of character of door general a person of extraordinary powers has been an Asia the first
Breath out more local time on January 25, start shooting of Asian cup semifinal, summit of East Asia summit is right definitely, japanese team struggle hard 120 minutes, final support selects group of Korea of conquer of ball decisive battle, enter Asian cup final; After the match ends, japan advocate what handsome Zaqieluoni thinks because Japan is behaved than Korea,entering finals is is good, and team of highly praise Korea is very outstanding team.
Speak of the match above all, japan advocate handsome Zaqieluoni says: This is very wonderful game, our expression is very good, we are in first half attack aspect is very outstanding, we have 3 very good opportunities; What nevertheless team of Korea of the second half kicks is more outstanding, their body advantage is apparent, our team is exceedingly tired, korea line is very excellent also on the movement of the ball. Let us advanced field cannot control a ball very well; Anyhow Korea team is very outstanding team, although match of their play away.
It who Wu Ci fastens Kesitan or meets Australia is better that who Wu Ci fastens Kesitan or meets Australia make do? Japan advocate handsome Zaqieluoni says: Who enters two ranks finals is normal, to my team, also do not have distinction; Two teams are very good team, the body is very [url=]cheap jordans with free shipping[/url] outstanding, whole is very good, it is very powerful team.
Japan and Qatar match when, japanese door plain island always the expression of heir suffers criticism, to today his expression and the arrangement of the decisive battle that order a ball, advocate handsome Zaqieluoni expresses: Before dot ball begins, I tell plain island always heir I am exceedingly trustful he, want to believe oneself. Doing not have the door will not make a mistake, even if goalkeeper is behaved bad, the gate that I also won't replace me will.
While the press conference undertakes, australia already 2-0 precedes Wu Ci fastens Kesitan, to this result, japan advocate handsome Zaqieluoni is speaking: Japanese team is the Asia's first-rate team, the first team of Asian of the name, because Australia comes from another continent.
To the development of Japanese team, zaqieluoni says: Japanese team has been the Asia's first-rate team, our target still is a world cup, we used this race many young players, we have very outstanding show, I believe us to there can be better performance on the world cup.
Editor: ? Ennis of peach stool Pay close attention to his small gain
Fan Texi surpasses the line on the activity after basketball hassle season | Sport one ball becomes famous dazzle eye storm will raid

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